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CORE Wireless Body Composition Scale

Managing your weight is a vital component to staying healthy. Our CORE wireless body composition scales are designed to measure and track up to nine aspects of your body composition including weight, BMI, body fat, body water, lean mass, visceral fat rating, muscle mass and daily calorie intake. These nine data points will direct you in getting to know yourself better and can handle up to 180kg in body weight.





One scale for the whole family

Bioimpedence is the common method used by household scales to calculate body composition


The iHealth CORE Body Analysis Scales

Uses the bioimpedence method by using 4 conductors to determine the hindrance of electrical flow through the body and uses that to calculate the total body water.

RRP: $129.95


LITE Wireless Scale

Features elegant, modern and minimalist design, blending in seamlessly with any décor. Our wireless BMI weight scale easily records your fitness progress and is an excellent weight tracker.

RRP: $139.95



Key features and benefits

  • View your results on our mobile app
  • Measure, track and share your weight and BMI results
  • Set goals and evaluate your progress over time
  • Track accurate weight and BMI measurements for up to 20 unique users
  • LITE is simple to set up and sync with the iHealth MyVitals app via Bluetooth Smart technology
  • Backlit display auto-adjusts to the brightness in any room.





Stay on top of your Body Composition goals

There’s no better way to keep you and your family motivated with your health, weight and fitness goals. Whether it’s measuring your body fat, lean muscle or bone mass, our body composition scales provide accurate readings everytime.


Are you experiencing some health challenges?

iHealth is here to help keep you on the right track with professional health coaching sessions. Feel free to speak to us about how you can sign up and stay motivated on a daily basis.


To find out more information on our body composition scales in Australia, give iHealth a call on 1300 832 306 to chat to one of our friendly team members.