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Pulse Oximeter

Detect health troubles early with the Pulse Oximeter

Health issues can happen instantaneously and at any given moment. If you’re experiencing breathing problems, the Pulse Oximeter Australia can come to your rescue.

The iHealth AIR Pulse Oximeter can be used for monitoring respiratory conditions including Covid.

iHealth AIR is listed on the Australian Registry of Therapeutic Goods.


Many Australian hospitals provide iHealth AIR to monitor patients with Covid. This includes Sydney Local Health District, St Vincents Health Network, SouthWestSydney Local Health District, Northern Sydney Local Health District, Western NSW Local Health District.

How does it work?

A pulse oximeter works by emitting beams of light through your fingers and determining the blood oxygen levels based on light absorption. A normal blood oxygen reading is usually between 95 to 100% and is considered safe. Anything below this figure may be an indication of breathing and respiratory issues. Having a handy device like this nearby provides you with the extra peace of mind you deserve.

Save money with our online bundle packages

At iHealth Labs, we love to help save you money where we can. When you navigate our website, you’ll find a large array of special deals to help get you on the right health track.

Blood Pressure + Pulse Oximeter

Measure blood pressure and oxygen saturation rate in one pack

NEO (BP5S) Wireless Blood Pressure Arm Monitor 

AIR (PO3M) Wireless Pulse Oximeter

Was $319.90 - Now $289.90 (SAVE $30)

Calculate your health data, track your results and securely share them with your health professional. If you can’t find what you’re looking for online, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly for more information.

Feel free to browse our online store for Pulse Oximeters in Australia.  Get in touch today on 1300 832 306 for the latest product information.