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How Telehealth Benefits both Patients and Medical Professionals

What is Telehealth?

Technological advancements have made human life much better than it ever had been. From e-learning and advanced medical imaging to appointment bookings and online shopping, technology has bettered every aspect of human life unimaginably. Facilities that had once seemed far-fetched ideas or otherworldly notions are now breathing realities, such as being able to see a friend on another continent through a screen or having robot-assisted surgeries in operating rooms.

Healthcare and Technology

Out of all the fields that artificial intelligence has touched and upgraded, medicinal sciences seem to be the one that benefited the most. This, in turn, has improved the quality of human life ten folds. Magnetic imagining, radiological testing, automated administering of medicines, or seeing inside the body through a camera among so many more advancements clearly illustrate how much the healthcare industry has gained due to technology. And telehealth is just another feather in the cap! But surely, it's a big one because it has transformed the world of medicine.

How? Here's how!

Telehealth Has Bridged Geographical Distances

There was a time when the only way to consult a doctor was via in-person visit; either the patient had to go to the doctor, or the medical expert had to make a house call. But with telehealth, the conventional care delivery system has been restructured completely. Now doctors and patients don't need to be in each other's vicinity to interact with one another. They can get in touch via screens anywhere at any time.

Telehealth Has Given Underprivileged Areas Access To Care

Telehealth has an overarching reach that goes beyond geographical barriers, which has given communities with inadequate healthcare facilities access to top-class care services. Now doctors can make virtual house calls and treat patients in rural areas without having to make their way to the disadvantaged neighbourhoods physically.

Telehealth Has Improved The Doctor-Patient Dynamic

While telehealth doesn't beat the effectiveness of a face-to-face consult, it certainly enhances the experience. Once a doctor and patient have acquainted and developed a decent rapport, they can connect virtually anytime, giving patients a sense of security at all times. Thanks to telehealth, patients in today's world are much more at ease in their homes because they know they can reach their doctor within minutes should they need to do that. Having such confidence translates into calm and collected patients who don't go into panic every time they feel an ache in their tummy.

Telehealth Has Reduced Healthcare Expenses

With the ease of virtual care delivery, hospitals don't have to look after patients physically or arrange for transportation. Resultantly the patient care cost is reduced considerably.

Furthermore, since telemedical care allows doctors to examine patients online, they don't have to work long hours in a clinic, which results in better care. This also keeps patients out of hospitals, furthering bringing down the expenses medical facilities have to bear typically.

Besides all these, telehealth has significantly bridged the gap between demand and supply of healthcare providers by freeing up tediously long commuting time and offering medical consults on the go.

If you have been on the fence about telehealth services till now, you should give them a burl to know how beneficial they are! If you want to know further, reach out to us at iHealthlabs today.