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Diabetes, why do you get it & how can it be prevented?

There are approximately 1.5 million people across Australia that have diabetes. Since 1998, the Australian Government has funded a program to track the number of people who have diabetes, examining how the current services are assisting patients as well as finding ways to better service and prevent the illness.

While this is a very common illness, many are unaware of how a person contracts diabetes. They may even wonder if there are steps, they can take to prevent the condition. This article answers both those questions.


Common Causes of Diabetes

Diabetes is classified as two types: Type I and Type II. Type I diabetes occurs when the immune system of the body destroys the insulin producing beta cells located in the pancreas. Many scientists believe that this is caused by the genetic makeup of a person acting in conjunction with environmental factors, including viruses.

In Type II, several lifestyle and genetic factors can impact the situation to bring about the condition. This usually occurs because a person is overweight, even obese. They also are likely to be in active, meaning that they are increasing the chances of becoming overweight.

However, not every overweight person is going to come up with Type II diabetes. It is dependent upon where the extra fat is located. For example, extra belly fat is often linked to insulin resistance.

There is one other type of diabetes that can occur. This is referred to as gestational diabetes and occurs in the mother during pregnancy. This is usually caused by hormonal changes, and, in the vast majority of cases, the condition dissipates after the pregnancy has concluded.

One thing that many researchers have discovered is that the genetic propensity for diabetes is common where other members of a family suffer from the condition. Thus, it is something that is passed from one generation to the next.


How Can I Prevent This Problem?

Because of the genetic factors, you may face a situation where you are going to get diabetes regardless of the steps you take. It is ingrained within your DNA, and there is only so much that can be done to prevent the condition.

However, this is not the case for everyone. The vast majority of people are battling through diabetes because of an inactive lifestyle that has led to them becoming overweight. It is unhealthy eating and a lifestyle that is far too sedentary.

If you are concerned about diabetes and want to take the steps to help prevent getting this condition, then it starts with eating properly, exercising, and remaining active. It is understood that this is often said about virtually any kind of problem a person may have physically, but the reality is that a healthy lifestyle will prevent you from suffering from many conditions, including diabetes.

Should you have diabetes, know that there are groups out there that can help you with acquiring the products you need to contain or control your condition, maybe even help you to reduce the effects of diabetes. You can find out more by clicking the link, learning about the product you can purchase as well as the steps you can take to control your diabetes. Know that you can be living a happy and active life even if you have diabetes.