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Health Coaching

Have you been diagnosed with a life-changing condition?

Propell, the Australian distributor of iHealth, offers health coaching through All Life Health and Fitness

Has your GP suggested you track your blood pressure or blood glucose (sugar) levels? but you’re not sure how to make sense of the numbers? Not sure what is "Good" or "bad"? and not sure how to make any changes that you might need to  get your health back on track?
We understand the challenges you’re facing and are here to help you to keep on track with your readings. Whether it’s monitoring for your diabetes, regulating a healthy heart & blood system, helping manage blood pressure or the management of other chronic conditions, allow us to take the guess work out of your readings and even liaise with your GP.
Sign up for your health coaching package and when you purchase your equipment and you will receive the best advice and health coaching.
What's involved?
Take and upload your readings daily and you will receive a call from our registered nurse and wellness coach if the readings are out of normal range (hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm). The call would include:
  • discussion and education about what the readings mean 
  • questions about how you are feeling
  • signs and symptoms presenting 
  • what activities you may have been doing 
  • what food and nutrition choices that may have contributed to the readings
  • what medication has been taken, if any 
  • and what you may be able to do in the future to suppose regulation of the readings
This could also mean that you may, in certain circumstances, be advised to visit the GP and in worst case scenarios, the hospital.


All Life Health and Fitness Founder, Ruth Skinner-Smith is a registered nurse.

In addition she is one of the most highly experienced Telehealth nurses in Australia.

Ruth has been a qualified nurse since 1985 and came over from the UK in 2006. She has been at the forefront of Telehealth for the last 10 years and has managed many different types of Telehealth services. Ruth believes wholeheartedly that Telehealth and remote monitoring is the way forward in ensuring all those who require it, can receive the care they need, and support them to stay out of hospital and living at home and the best life they possibly can. 

All Life Health and Fitness was created to help everyone to live their best, most active lives possible, taking responsibility for the life choices, and understanding what each choice they make means to their health and longevity.



Initial Discovery Call - $60 for a 60 minute call from a Qualified Registered Nurse and Wellness Coach.

Then weekly check-in calls @ $45 for 30-45 minutes.

Click on the link to purchase.

Once accepted All Life and Fitness will contact you and start coaching.